I’m a fancy lady with my new rose charms today! Just wear them on the one hand and you don’t have those silly problems like having trouble getting your phone out of your pants! Woo!

#proudrepost time! I’m so in love with how this mani came out. Took forever but I’m proud! Can I see your #proudrepost please??

I’m ok with a bathroom selfie and two filters cos I just got a massive amount of new makeup. Not sorry.

I maaaay have gotten a little carried away today since I’ve been getting in to makeup recently…

And these are just from this year… I don’t have a problem! Your face does! Shush your face it’s making too much noise. Also thumbs are easier than accent ring nails. Most of this glitter is up on @thesparklyshop, bee tee dubs urgh why Laura.

Rawr the end. Yay beer!

Cats cats cats! That is what we called this set of metal thingies. When you curve them and cover them in three layers of top coat they don’t even scratch you! Kitties! Up on @thesparklyshop

Awww yiss, so much new stuff up on @thesparklyshop! We have a new rainbow circle glitter set, metal decals, “Rickey” mouse glitter and new lots of dots in a pot. All stuff I had in my various drawers… Totes don’t have a problem!

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing so here I have different metal decals and different Ninja Polish! Mmmm shiny.

Yessss feeeeel the Laurasauruseses. They are coming to lightly nom you. If you’re into that. Oh and we’re thinking of putting these up on @thesparklyshop tomorrow as a mix with a bunch of other shapes like kitties and anchors. Is this a thing?