My nails are sparkly while I wait for my shiny face-sized new phone. Yesss.

#31DC2014 Day 17: Glitter! Aka, oh-god-the-pressure-I-mean-all-I-do-is-glitter-how-do-I-choose-ahhhh day! I was sleepy last night and I was totally going to get up at early o’clock and pull off a thousand piece mani! But that didn’t happen so here’s sparklies. At least I’m sparkly. 😶cos I have no face

#31DC2014 Day X Still: look deep, deep into my nails. Like looking into the eye, of a duck. That’s green. With flowers. From @thesparklyshop.

My work is so cool we actually have an ant farm. An ant farm! I’ve never had one before and they are seriously the most cool. I mean, you know ants are good at building tunnels but hot damn are they actually really good at building tunnels! 🐜🐜🐜 oh and my ant is called Sparkly PAnts hurhur

#31DC2014 Day X: Flower Nails! I thought I’d try to be clever and combine flowers and delicate print but I like the idea of delicate too much so here are flowers! Charms and glitter! Did you know these daisies are @thesparklyshop most popular charm? I like cobras more but that’s just me…

#31DC2014 Day x: I’m a delicate little snowflake that exists on a separate timeline where it is the delicate pattern day of the challenge. Hooray for sparklies!

#31DC2014 Day Whatever: nails! So imma less rant more nails so here are nails. That have all the flowers on them! And there’s so glitter too. Woo Monday!

#31DC2014 Day 11: Dots! So this happened. If something is in my house for long enough I’m gunna stick it to myself. So mega nails! With dot stacks that look like octopus thingies. Woo!

Ok I have to find a way to get back into this mindset. It isn’t long til the glitter prompt and I have to pull off something good. Like this. This came out awesome. #proudrepost!

Dammit challenge, I’m sick ok dots like urgh let’s look at rainbow triangles instead yes….